Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Internet: a source of change for societies

Name: Timothy Kitundu: Why I joined the Internet workshop

The Internet: a source of change for societies
As a senior journalist and head of the business desk in my media house – The Express, I felt that it could be more beneficial for me to have more skills in Internet use so that researching of stories and processing them could be easier.

More urgently, I needed to undertake this training because the skills that I may acquire could help me to send stories when I am working away from my media house, in some instances I attend meetings, workshops and conferences out of the country.

The other reason why I joined this workshop is that as a media practitioner, I need information which most of it is in the Internet and because I need to prepare stories that have correct facts and with up to date statistics, up to date ones, the only way is to be well equipped with the Internet skills.

On the first day of the workshop I did a number of topics namely; how the Internet has changed societies and communication globally meaning that the society can use the Internet in banking, finding and ordering books and bookings for transport modes and football matches.

The other aspect that I studies was journalism in the age of Internet which among others, I was able to know the population of Internet users in the world, Africa and East Africa. I also leant about the web pages used and world wide Webb (www) vs. Internet.

During the workshop, I have come to develop new ideas meaning that as a journalist, I cannot do my work properly if I cannot access the Internet. I have come also to develop an idea that Internet is a very important tool for doing researches that may be educative to the society.

After the workshop, I wish to cover some topics, which are why Tanzania has a few Internet users and why other countries such as Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco and South Africa have millions of Internet users.

In the future, after the workshop, I would like to do an investigative study to find out the disadvantages of having few Internet users and what are the economic impacts in the case of having few Internet users in certain country.

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