Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The last posting to the Internet workshop for journalists

The last posting to the Internet workshop for journalists

On the fifth or the last day of the Internet workshop, most of the works we did was more or less practical rather than theoretical.

We started with facilitation from Mr. Maggid Mjengwa, a veteran journalist and an experienced bloger on the subject of blogs and citizen journalism.

We went through his blog together, reading stories and looking at authentic pictures that were taken from different places of the country.

The pictures were able to tell the stories, there were pictures showing a person moving to another home using a tricycle instead of a vehicle, the way of living for some of Mikumi residents - definitely poverty stricken.

There were also pictures that can make someone relax; they were closely linked to leisure namely the picture of President Kikwete and his first born son who were in a festive mood.

Mjengwa revealed that the blog is open for those who want to make comments, however, the comments are directly sent to him so that they can be filtered to avoid having irrelevant comments.

He argued that as far as the pace of blogging is gaining tempo, most advertising needs would be undertaken using blogs contrary to the current use of adverts through TVs, radios and newspapers.

The skills that I acquired for one week is a treasure as far as my job is concerned. As a head of the Business Desk at my media house, I will use the skills to research, search and process stories that need more material.

As I am also a columnist in “the business analysis” feature, I will be able to get accurate and reliable information through web page searching then combine with material from other sources.

In short, this workshop (Internet for journalists) will help me even when I want to write a big story (lead story) because I will be sure of getting the background and some materials from the Internet.

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